I love this https://food52.com/recipes/35813-canal-house-s-chicken-thighs-with-lemon. My question: can we use the same technique for meat?

  • Posted by: wietje
  • May 7, 2016
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1 Comment

702551 May 9, 2016
From a technical or procedural standpoint, there's nothing that prevent one from doing so. The main question is whether or not preserved lemon would go well with the particular cut of meat you're cooking. That's your call, you're the one who is going to eat it.

Would I do this to a porterhouse or t-bone steak? No way.

Would I do this with country-style boneless pork ribs? Maybe. I think citrus works better with pork than beef, but that's my personal opinion based on decades of eating all kinds of meat prepared various ways (much of which produced from my stove/oven/grill).

In the end, it's entirely your call. It's your grocery bill, your food on the table, not ours.

Good luck.
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