I recently received a generous supply of venison. One of the packages is labeled simply "VD". Does anyone know what cut of meat this would be? Thanks!

  • Posted by: sooj
  • May 12, 2016


sooj May 12, 2016
Thank you both! I never would have thought of backstrap, which I think is most likely what it is. I didn't even realize you could add a photo, but I tried peeling off more of the paper just now to take one, and unfortunately its good and well stuck on there. It is literally a frozen rectangular log of meat right now and not very wide (about 2-3 inches), which makes me think you guys are right. Now time for me to figure out how to cook it without ruining it! :)
pierino May 12, 2016
If the "B" is identifying a cut it's most likely backstrap. When venison is butchered this is one of the most tender cuts.
sooj May 12, 2016
Thank you for your reply! Omg, I didn't even consider brisket. Currently, it's frozen into a rectangular log about 6-inch long, 2.5-inch thick. I managed to unwrap enough of the paper to see that it looks like one hunk of meat.
702551 May 12, 2016
A photograph of the piece would have been helpful, but based on this description, it is likely to be backstrap as pierino suggests.

Just do a Google image search for "venison backstrap" and see if yours is similar.

If it is not, I highly suggest you post a photo to elicit more accurate responses to your inquiry.

Good luck.
sooj May 12, 2016
Ah, op here, VB not VD. Is there a way to edit questions lol? Thanks again!
windin May 12, 2016
What shape is it? flattish, hunkish? how many pounds. B could stand for brisket was my first guess. Or hey, wait...bacon!! Mmm, vension bacon.

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