Tupper ware'd cut potatoes / onions left on counter overnight. Still safe to cook with?

I cut up sweet potatoes and potatoes, and put them in their own tupper ware, and cut up onions in their own tupper ware as well. Originally, I prepped them to cook that same night, but ate out instead. So I completely forgot to put them in the fridge to use today. There's some condensation on the tupper ware's of both containers. Opened the containers, and nothing smelled "off" albeit the onion container was extra onion-y while the sweet potato/potato container didn't smell like anything, maybe just slightly "sweet". The temperature of my kitchen was a NYC spring room temperature, though not sure what the exact number is.

Thank you!

  • Posted by: E
  • May 18, 2016


702551 May 18, 2016
It's really a judgment call on your part, the health department isn't coming by to take a microbial reading.

I would probably cook with them since the items would be heated well beyond the point where microorganisms can survive.

If you're particularly squeamish, go ahead and toss, start from scratch. After all, these are two of the cheapest produce items available. It's not like you're throwing away a $70 prime rib.

Good luck.
E May 18, 2016
I'm not squeamish about cooking with them, I've admittedly committed worse kitchen crimes. The sweet potatoes and potatoes were the last from the leftover winter season (a bunch of those korean sweet potatoes mixed with some of those purple stokes sweet potatoes) so if I end up throwing them out, that's the end of winter tubers for me until the Fall! I think that's why I asked the question - if I don't cook with the sweet potatoes, while it's still "turn on the oven" weather, that's the unofficial end of sweet potato season for me.

Thank you for the swift response.
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