I just got 5 pounds of pork belly, does anyone have a recipe that doesn't call for anise or Chinese 5 spice? Ty in advance.

Mary duffy


pierino May 28, 2016
Other flavor matches that work (assuming a braise): fennel, fennel pollen, juniper berries, celery leaves and thin stem ends, bay leaf. For spicier; Spanish pimenton either smoked (ahumado) or sweet (dulce).
scruz May 27, 2016
and, in thinking about your amount, you might want to double wrap some of it and freeze it. that is a lot of very rich and wonderful and pricey meat.
rocksteady May 27, 2016
This recipe is fabulous: https://food52.com/blog/7020-canal-house-s-pork-belly-with-gingery-rhubarb-compote
My F. May 27, 2016
If you've got/are only finding recipes you like that use those spices, just substitute your own preferred spice mixture. A dry barbeque rub of any kind would be great with an asian braised pork belly technique.

Or, try making a Porchetta if your piece of belly is wide enough to be rolled up.
Sam1148 May 26, 2016
Braise it until it's cook...then sear or broil it to char up. and serve with a red wine reduction sauce.
Option can include mushrooms and shallots in the sauce.
scruz May 26, 2016
i think the happy wok on youtube might have some recipes. the retired chef out of seattle has some wonderfully authentic family recipes and they are for the most part very clear, simple and he shows ingredients and brands. he's a real fun character and answers all questions and comments.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 26, 2016
So simple and delicious: http://luckypeach.com/recipes/momofuku-pork-belly/
HalfPint May 26, 2016
Try this: http://www.hungryhuy.com/how-to-make-thit-heo-kho-voi-trung-vietnamese-braised-pork-with-hard-boiled-eggs/
Susan W. May 26, 2016
You're welcome Mary. So many things you can do with pork belly. It might be fun to make bacon with some and slow braise the rest and really crisp up the skin and fat. You can make fabulous sandwiches with pork belly. Let me find my notes on making bacon. I was very Paleo when I made it, so I used celery seed and salt in place of curing salt. It loses some of the pinkish color without the curing salt, but texture and flavor are spot on. It was so easy and delicious. Do you know if the skin is still on it?
Mary D. May 28, 2016
It does have the skin on and ty so much for all the help, I'm looking forward to trying it
Susan W. May 28, 2016
Mary here is the method I used. I can't find my notes, but I do know I used his spices the first time, but then I used salt, pepper and ground celery seed or celery salt after that. The important part is to use an adequate amount of salt because that is what cures/preserves it. I also rubbed mine with liquid smoke before adding the spices. I also included honey, Brown or white sugar because I like that sweet and savory combo.

The recipe that Chops linked from Momofuko is excellent. You could make several different recipes and freeze some for your next adventure.

Susan W. May 26, 2016
Would you be interested in making your own bacon? It's a 3 step process, but it's all easy. Marinating/curing, slow baking, finally slicing and cooking however you like cooking bacon.
Mary D. May 26, 2016
I thought of that but I am a little nervous since I've never tried it before. If it's something I could do then I would love to give it a try. Tyvm for answering me
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