Sourcing Fresh Lychee

I've always loved fresh lychee. Last year, I couldn't find them ANYWHERE in my podunk city. After combing the asian markets and glowering at friends who live near suppliers, I've sworn to never live without them again. Can any of you lovely people recommend a source?

Sean R
  • Posted by: Sean R
  • May 31, 2016


BerryBaby August 8, 2016
Have you asked the Asian market if they can order them for you? I've special ordered from grocery stores for items I don't see out or on the shelves and they have always come through. Just a thought. BB
Tanvir H. August 8, 2016
PHIL June 2, 2016
The fresh ones are great but I like the canned ones too, especially with Lychee flavored Vodka. Makes a great martini.
Sean R. June 2, 2016
HECK YES. My favorite sushi restaurant does just that, a lychee martini with clementine vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee puree, lime juice.
702551 May 31, 2016
Search for "fresh lychee fruit" at Google/Bing/Yahoo and a number of online vendors will be listed.

Disclaimer: I have no personal experience with any of these farms.
Sean R. May 31, 2016
Hi cv! I'm looking for personal recommendations before I put down the big bucks. There are oodles of fruit vendors with sketchy websites to choose from....
SKK May 31, 2016
Sean R. May 31, 2016
SKK, do you like what you've gotten from this vendor?
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