What is local and fresh in Edinburgh, Scotland?

I'm moving soon and hope to have a head start on what I can find in the grocery. Where are the markets, the butchers, and the fish markets? Are they open year-long? All suggestions, advice, links welcome!

Also, where are the best Asian food supply stores?



Wineforthechef August 11, 2011
Thanks s much everyone, I will check these out!

CarlaCooks August 10, 2011
I was in Edinburgh in June and ate a truly incredible meal at the Michelin star restaurant The Kitchin. 98% of their food is local, so I would recommend you call the restaurant and ask where they sourse their fish, meat, cheese, and bread. Make a reservation for yourself while you're at it; you won't regret it! http://www.thekitchin.com/kitchin/home
Burnt O. August 9, 2011
One of my dearest, lifelong friends lives in Edinburgh - I'll ask her if she minds sharing her email and contact you off line with the information. She's very food oriented and loves to visit the markets, etc...
alasully August 9, 2011
The Edinburgh Farmer's Market is open every Saturday year-round: http://www.edinburghfarmersmarket.co.uk/default.aspx?pageID=1

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