moldy tasting beef wellington

I bought some beef wellington from Omaha steaks and the mushroom pate kind of tasted moldy.Is this normal?

Leigh Wade


QueenSashy June 9, 2016
I am with the rest of the gang -- this does not sound right. Even if the ingredients are OK, then the flavor profile is messed up, and I do not think it is an excuse either. Wellington is a well defined traditional dish, so it should taste like Wellington.
Alexandra V. June 9, 2016
Mushrooms can taste "earthy", and many of the best cheeses are technically "moldy" do you normally like mushrooms? I would guess it may be the flavor profile you don't care for, as I would doubt they would send out spoiled product, if that were the case the meat itself and pastry would be "off" tasting or furry.
Leigh W. June 9, 2016
I already did and they sent a new one.If this one taste the same I assume its supposed to taste that way.
ChefJune June 9, 2016
I would not assume that. I would assume they've got a whole bad lot. Nothing is supposed to taste moldy.... except perhaps something Andrew Zimmern unearths on Bizarre Foods...
702551 June 8, 2016
Doesn't sound right. Contact their customer service department for a new one.
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