Would the Food52 Test Kitchen please answer a question I posted to the Whole Wheat Pita recipe?

I also posted the question here on the Hotline, but perhaps it was viewed as a rhetorical question, as no one has answered it. It's not.
Here is what I posted to the recipe https://food52.com/recipes... , paraphrased:

Was this recipe tested by the Food52 test kitchen using cup (volume) measures for the water? A cup of water does not = 8 ounces but rather, 8 fluid ounces, which = 8.32 ounces.
I'm asking simply what the correct amount of water is. (I'd use 236 grams if I hadn't seen the "8 ounces" for 1 cup there; 8 ounces = 226 grams.)
I really do want to try this recipe! And yes, that 1.36 ounces of water overall will make a difference. Thanks so much. ;o)



Lindsay-Jean H. June 14, 2016
To anyone who might be wondering, this question has been addressed by the author on the recipe page.
AntoniaJames June 14, 2016
Excellent, thanks! It wasn't when I posted this, and I've had so many of my questions on editors' recipe pages flat out ignored, I figured I'd try again here.
It's better on the recipe page anyway! And so glad to see that the ingredient list has been fixed. We'll be making these pita this weekend - finishing them on the grill! ;o)
AntoniaJames June 14, 2016
Also, for anyone else interested in this recipe: I'll be posting this weekend the ingredient quantities in mass measures (grams) for those of us whose scales don't include decimal based ounces - or who otherwise prefer the convenience of metric. For example, it's so much easier to see the ratios when quantities are expressed in grams. ;o)
702551 June 14, 2016
This is one of the advantages of mass-based metric recipe measurements.

When I make sauerkraut, I know it is 18 g of salt per 1000 g (1 kg) of cabbage. The conversion is simple. If I used tablespoons of salt or cups of cabbage, the conversion is far more difficult.

For baking, it's far easier to hit the "tare" button on a kitchen scale after each ingredient.
AntoniaJames June 16, 2016
I noticed that at least 6 other recipes by this author have the same typo. I'll send a note to the editors with the links so those recipes can be corrected as well, unless Food52 prefers that I post comments to each of those recipes.
Perhaps the editorial team could do a short piece on fluid ounces vs dry ounces, if the topic has not yet been covered, to help users understand this better when reading other recipes providing alternate units of measure. ;o)
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