If I cook pork ribs for 7 hrs at 180 degrees farenheight will the pork be under cooked.

Convection oven, pork marinated in a cowboy marinade.

  • Posted by: Paul
  • September 23, 2016


QueenSashy September 24, 2016
In my experience with ribs and meats cooked at slow temperatures, you are at a break point. The meat will be cooked, but there is a chance that it might not be tender enough. It is hard to say upfront because as pierino said, it will depend on the ribs and the oven...
pierino September 23, 2016
First keep in mind that no two ovens are calibrated exactly equally. After that the meat should reach and sustain an internal temperature of 145F to kill bacteria. Use an accurate probe thermometer away from the bone to check. Now it's up to you. One mistake people make is to cook pork until it dries out. It's a red meat not a white meat. Color is okay. Tenderness matters.
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