Paella recipe

What is your favorite Paella recipe?

  • Posted by: Nan
  • June 16, 2016


dinner A. June 17, 2016
I recently bought large paella pans and a paella grill from La Paella, and I found their tips and recipes useful in upping my paella game ( These recipes are nice basic guidelines for paella that you can adapt to include the ingredients you want (within reason).

I think the main defining features of paella are a Bomba-type rice, cooked without stirring along with a flavorful liquid (nearly always including saffron and paprika) and some vegetables and/or fish and/or meat, in a thin layer, so that the bottom crisps (the socarrat). Very traditional Valencians would argue for a strict range of ingredients, but I don't think there is a particular fish or meat that you HAVE to include, and vegetarian paellas are still paella (a Valencian friend of mine says her family often makes a vegetarian one -- it's not sacrilege). Favorite paella ingredients beyond the basic flavor base for me are wedges of artichokes (pre-steamed -- they won't cook much further in the paella), white beans, and sauteed summer squash.
But sorry Bobby Flay -- if you precook the rice, although it could be delicious, it's not paella ;)
Nancy June 17, 2016
dinner at ten...thank you for the correction about the cooked rice disqualifying the Bobby Flay recipe... it looked like paella, it walked like paella, alas it wasn't paella.
ChefJune June 17, 2016
In Spain, Paella only has seafood in it if it's being made near the water. Otherwise, it features meat. pierino mentioned snails, but rabbit is also very common - and squirrel. You could sub chicken. and use sausages for sure.
pierino June 17, 2016
Yes, ChefJune, as in paella Valenciana (thought to be the birthplace of paella). Actually the recipe I posted does include rabbit if lyou are so inclined. I really like using blood sausage (morcilla) as well.
Smaug June 17, 2016
To me, not a dish to be made from recipes.
pierino June 17, 2016
It's okay to deviate from recipes but there are rules. Otherwise it ceases to be paella.
Nancy June 17, 2016
Maybe it won't be your favorite, but nice in rotation or as part of a menu when serving vegetarians..... Kale & Mushroom Paella. One of those that takes loads of ingredients and 3 or 4 sub recipes, but then definitely has complex and subtle good flavors.
Greenstuff June 17, 2016
There was a "your best paella recipe" some time ago:

Valhalla June 16, 2016
Some would call it sacrilege, but at the very least it may be a good idea to practice with a vegetarian recipe in order to not waste a lot of expensive seafood. I found the Ottolenghi recipe foolproof:
Nancy June 17, 2016
Agree...(see my rec below of a Kale-Mushroom version). Nice to have Ottolenghi's too.
PHIL June 16, 2016
Hi Nan, making Paella is a big project if you want to do it and you have the right pan you can find many variations on Food52 and on the web. I sometimes cheat to make it for a quick dinner (Pierino will probably rip on me about it) . I buy VIGO brand Spanish rice, it comes with the seasoning. I cook as directions, then I add whatever I feel like adding, seafood, chicken, veggies. You can throw in some mussels and clams in the rice as it is cooking and they will open up right in the rice . either add some already cooked Chorizo sausage cut up or cook some sausage and chicken in a separate pan and mix in with the rice. It's all good..... Pierino mentioned making it outside. I think he is right because true Paella is all about the process, it is an art to do right..
pierino June 16, 2016
This is my own recipe Snails are very traditional. You can skip them but then it's a sissy paella. As always paella is best made outside over a wood burning grill.
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