The timing on the potluck post is great as I am invited to bring a dish to a break-the-fast this Saturday after Yom Kippur. I love the idea of the panzanella salad, but obvs need a replacement for the bacon. Any ideas out there?

  • Posted by: madeinmb
  • September 15, 2010


madeinmb September 15, 2010
Thanks all! I think I will go with the panzanella salad recipe here on Food52 --without meat. Prep everything before hand and assemble when I arrive at the party. Hope everyone has an easy fast.
drbabs September 15, 2010
Here's what we usually have at break fast (definitely potluck style)--bagels, lox, cream cheese and other cheeses, tomatoes. A challah and maybe tuna and/or egg salad. Two or three quiches. (My friend Mollie makes an incredible crustless quiche.) A mixed green salad. Fruit and more cheeses. Some sweets--but fairly light--some cookies, maybe a fruit pie or two. Because we're theoretically in temple all day, it's stuff you can make ahead that can be served at room temperature and isn't a lot of work to prepare or clean up. Saturday night break fast can be a lot of fun--no one has to get up for work the next day. I hope it's fun for you.
healthierkitchen September 15, 2010
oops - forgot the basil and onion!
healthierkitchen September 15, 2010
Most panzanella recipes do not include bacon or any other meat. Stale good quality bread, fresh tomatoes, some cucumbers, maybe capers, garlic, parsley and a vinaigrette. My favorite version is from way, way back - an old Frugal Gourmet recipe.
drbabs September 15, 2010
For break the fast, you really want light food--people haven't eaten all day--which is why a "dairy" meal is usually served. Can you make a panzanella salad with no meat/bacon whatsoever? The rest of the ingredients would be great.
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