Shiitake mushroom stems . . . I understand some advocate using them to flavor stocks, but I have such a hard time not finding a use for them other than stock or my compost pile. Has anyone found that they are usable/edible simply diced and sauteed or roasted? Too thrifty to waste my food . . .



COLLEEN G. October 21, 2020
I dry mine and grind them as a seasoning for a little extra flavor
lovesitc January 20, 2011
Great idea Brandon. Thanks!!!
innoabrd January 20, 2011
Maybe I just get smaller, fresher shitake, but I've never found the stems to be particularly tough! Common issue for you guys?
brandon January 19, 2011
you can chop them up in a food processor and put them in burgers or meatloaf. pastas, breads, risotto, stews etc
nutcakes January 19, 2011
Seriously you aren't alone. I have seen discussions where people are trying to find use for the liquid in pickle jars! And I once read a tip to use the paper butter is wrapped in to grease your pans and I do that from time to time if enough butter sticks.
lovesitc January 19, 2011
Lol nutcakes! :) I did mention that I'm thrifty!!!! You're right, though, and make a very valid point. Thanks for the link and the laugh.
nutcakes January 19, 2011
In case it wasn't clear, I didn't mean to use the stems to eat in this, just to make the stock. I wouldn't feel bad about discarding inedible parts of vegetables. Have you been searching for a use for banana peels too, lol?
nutcakes January 19, 2011
Mushroom stock isn' a waste to me. Try them yourself, but I find the stem woody and tough and unpleasant to eat. Here's a great recipe to use them in:
foongfest January 19, 2011
I somtimes throw them in when making a pot of rice. They also tend to freeze well for stock use.
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