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I am looking for a good recipe for calamari steaks to serve as an appetizer. Any ideas?

asked by Gmarkb almost 6 years ago
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added almost 6 years ago

The steaks will be pretty tough (and the stakes will be high) they're taken from larger squid, so use the grid side of a meat mallet---the side with the points---to tenderize them well. Set up a basic fry station; Wondra flour, egg wash, bread crumbs which you can season with salt and pepper, dredge each steak through each stage beginning with the Wondra. Meanwhile heat up a pan with butter or oil or a mixture of both. Get it hot enough to sizzle and brown the breaded steaks. I can't give you a precise cooking time because it depends on the thickness of the squid. When they are cooked and still hot, deglaze your pan with a bit of white wine and spoon that over. Add perhaps some dry oregano or other herb. The axiom about cooking squid, cuttlefish or octopus is that you give it a really short cooking time or a really long one, because in between it will do the tighten up.