What to do with leftover pie dough scraps? Any thoughts?



luvcookbooks September 16, 2010
Paint them with egg wash and stick on sesame seeds, then bake.
AntoniaJames September 15, 2010
Freeze and when you have enough, make Cornish pasties. Or pigs-in-blankets, using smallish sausages or free-range beef hot dogs, cut into thirds, and wrapped 1 1/2 times with 1-inch strips, which you've painted (side facing in) lightly with stone ground mustard before wrapping baking.
katiebakes September 15, 2010
I use leftover pie scraps to make turnovers, or you can freeze them and keep adding until you have enough to make another crust.
mtrelaun September 15, 2010
I make little jam turnovers with the scraps. Great for breakfast or to accompany 4 o'clock coffee/tea!
TheWimpyVegetarian September 15, 2010
I do exactly what betteirene does. Or you could sprinkle the dough with guyere cheese and bake. For my blue cheese crust this week, I combined all the scraps, rolled them out into a rectangle and sliced long strips about 1/2" wide with a sharp knife. With each strip, I pressed one end onto a cookie sheet, twisted the dough carefully a few times along its length, and pressed the other end onto the sheet. I popped into the freezer for 15 minutes or so (so it would hold it's shape during baking) and then baked them off for fancy little savory cookies to go with some of Oui, Chef's red pepper soup.
Kristen M. September 15, 2010
During the pastry unit in culinary school (one of the happiest periods of my life), we tossed our scraps with sugar & cinnamon, pressed them together and baked them in muffin tins to make something a bit like monkey bread or bakers' muffins (more on those at this blog: http://bit.ly/9xLPaH).
betteirene September 15, 2010
Workin' on this week's contest, are you? Roll out the dough, cut into strips, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, bake, serve with hot tea (for me) or apple juice and make the grandkids really happy. I just got done doing this. Unfortunately, the pie I made for dessert is a milk chocolate cream, which I don't think counts as an autumn pie, even though we all know that chocolate knows no season.
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