Thawing frozen pie dough

I have made a double batch of pie dough, half of which is wrapped in plastic in my freezer. What is the best way to defrost this dough so I may roll it out and enjoy some delicious pie?



Corey-Jan July 2, 2021
I came here today asking this exact question -- and beka77 gave me an idea. What if I sliced that giant disc of frozen dough into slices -- about 1/3" thick and DIDN'T warm them in my hands -- but simply laid them out close to each other between a couple of pieces of waxed paper? If I hit it with a rolling pin from there, they roll together but still keep their flaky/buttery layers? They did! I'm astonished. The pie's in the oven now and I"m hoping it turns out as well as it looks like it will.
beka77 January 29, 2021
What i do is cut the pie dough into thin triangles then roll them into the palm of my hand until it becomes soft :)
If you've frozen it in that inch thick disk (or worse, the ball) that I always tend to, it takes a couple of days in the fridge to unfreeze it. After that, I still like it on the counter for a couple of hours to make it easy to roll out. What you DON'T want , though, is for any of your butter to melt. Which means no hurrying it up in the microwave (I've tried, oh how I've tried and it never works).
EmilyC September 13, 2011
I usually defrost it in the fridge, but in a pinch, I've defrosted on the kitchen counter to speed up the process and it's been fine. Keep it wrapped in plastic til you're ready to use.
aargersi September 13, 2011
I am not one of the pro bakers around here - but I would defrost it in the fridge since it needs to be chilled when you roll it. 'Course that means you need to plan a day ahead ....
plevee September 13, 2011
I'm waiting for an answer,too. Mine always goes grey!
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