Thawing frozen pie dough

I have made a double batch of pie dough, half of which is wrapped in plastic in my freezer. What is the best way to defrost this dough so I may roll it out and enjoy some delicious pie?



beka77 January 29, 2021
What i do is cut the pie dough into thin triangles then roll them into the palm of my hand until it becomes soft :)
If you've frozen it in that inch thick disk (or worse, the ball) that I always tend to, it takes a couple of days in the fridge to unfreeze it. After that, I still like it on the counter for a couple of hours to make it easy to roll out. What you DON'T want , though, is for any of your butter to melt. Which means no hurrying it up in the microwave (I've tried, oh how I've tried and it never works).
EmilyC September 13, 2011
I usually defrost it in the fridge, but in a pinch, I've defrosted on the kitchen counter to speed up the process and it's been fine. Keep it wrapped in plastic til you're ready to use.
aargersi September 13, 2011
I am not one of the pro bakers around here - but I would defrost it in the fridge since it needs to be chilled when you roll it. 'Course that means you need to plan a day ahead ....
plevee September 13, 2011
I'm waiting for an answer,too. Mine always goes grey!
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