Elderly friends coming for Sunday lunch are not allowed to have salt, onions, garlic or bell peppers. Any suggestions for dishes that avoid these but aren't bland?

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betteirene January 27, 2011
Ginger helps, too.
amreiskitchen January 27, 2011
With chicken or veggies lemon is a nice alternative to salt it adds the bit if zing that is often missing from dishes where the salt is simply omitted.try a bit of zest as well as juice.I also favor the fresh leafy herbs
aargersi January 27, 2011
Good one Dr Babs! And maybe start with a blended squash soup, You could roast the squash and add herbs / spices for additional flavor. If they can have dairy then a bit of cream for richness maybe ...
drbabs January 27, 2011
Can they have oil? You could slow poach fish in olive oil. http://www.food52.com/recipes/4155_olive_oil_poached_fish_or_shellfish
and just use herbs and lots of lemon as seasoning.

You could also make a simple roast chicken. Just leave off the salt, and use lots of fresh herbs instead.
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