Recently picked up some of this beautiful rose harissa but now I'm wondering what to do with it. Any suggestions?



nutcakes January 27, 2011
The very link you posted had a good variety of delicious sounding recipes. Also I made this contest winner recently--start with that, it's easy:
Aliwaks January 27, 2011
Hi again.. Chicken stock not chickken sauce : )
Aliwaks January 27, 2011
oh my god! Rose seems like something from my dreams.

I would smear it on seared duck breasts right before finishing in then oven...I would then puree a tad with some dates poached in chicken sauce for a sauce & serve that all with the carrot salad....

I would smear it on hot buttered pitta or naan, with some soft pungent goat cheese.

I would stir it into some yogurt & marinate lamb or chicken with it. Or stir it in to some tomatoes/garlic/honey/yellow onions cooked with a bit of cumin/ginger/ cinnamon till they are sticky & maroon and then pour that over a whole cut up chicken and bake in the oven low and slow itll its all soft..them serve that with cous cous. Or mix it with a bit of butter and melt that over seared seas scallops.

Oh what a world of possibilities!
sweetlolo January 27, 2011
aufoodie that carrot salad sounds wonderful. thanks!
amreiskitchen January 27, 2011
one of my favorite uses is this salad I found at it was my first use of harissa and now we are addicted and this salad is on my regular rotation. We also like it in eggs, and with chicken or pork(is lovely in a marinade), great with veggies. it really wakes up favors. hope you enjoy your new treasure.
pierino January 27, 2011
Should work as table condiment with this
SweetTea January 27, 2011
I'd probably go with a chicken cous-cous dish. You could also smear it onto some lamb chops or a rack of lamb along with some seasoned breadcrumbs and roast.
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