Looking to bulk cook 6 frozen chicken breasts, how long and what temperature should i leave them in oven

i plan on cutting them up directly after and storing them in tupperware in fridge. Then throughout the week i plan to incorporate them in different meals where i would be reheating and seasoning them in pan

  • Posted by: brian
  • July 4, 2016


brian July 5, 2016
Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the answers and tips!
Pegeen July 5, 2016
Oops. Brian already explained the chicken breasts would be cooked already in the oven. Looking for recipes for cooked chicken strips. Sorry to have misread the question.
Pegeen July 5, 2016
I have a question about the question. Brian, it sounds like you want to slice raw chicken into strips and keep it in the fridge for use throughout the week. Is that correct?

If it is, you need to hear from the food science experts, but I believe you can't keep raw chicken in the fridge for more than 24 hours or so. And that is because your fridge temperature is very unregulated because the door is opening and closing all the time, so the temperature is not high enough to prevent the growth of nasty bacteria.
PHIL July 5, 2016
this poor guy just wanted to know about cooking chicken but now his inbox is filled with comments about thermometers.
702551 July 5, 2016
The first response covered the basic answer: the key is to cook to a certain internal temperature.

Much of the remainder of that conversation was how to measure that threshold.

He is free to use an old-school meat thermometer or even attempt the "metal skewer on lower lip" test, but a quick read digital thermometer is helpful for sorting out what temperature his meat is.

One person says "buy this ~$100 thermometer" and then someone says "no, buy this ~$25 one," the latter backed by another longtime contributor.

How much chicken does the $75 difference buy? I think the forum contributor comments are valid, on point, and helpful to someone who might have a budget (could be someone just reading this thread, not the original poster).
pierino July 5, 2016
Thermapen manufactures a variety of styles which is why it's recommended by Cook's Illustrated AND King Arthur Flour.
MMH July 5, 2016
I use a polder with remote so you never need to open the oven.
702551 July 5, 2016
Maybe good for an oven roast, not so great for a steak on a wood-fired grill.
702551 July 5, 2016
The aforementioned Thermapen instant read digital thermometer is pretty pricey, typically around $160-180.

I own a Lavatools Javelin myself (about $26 at Amazon), a better bargain.
Susan W. July 5, 2016
I love my Javelin. Bought one for my daughter and a couple for friends. Highly recommend them.
pierino July 5, 2016
Normally the Thermapen, which is the gold standard, sells for $99. They happen to be having a sale which ends today http://campaign.thermoworks.com/2016_07_05_fourth_of_july_savings_end_today_cons.html
15% off regular price. The thing about the Thermapen is that you get an accurate reading in less than 5 seconds. Speed is important when you are testing hot stuff.
Nancy July 5, 2016
On the instant-read thermometer question, I have been using an Accu-Temp one for about 5 years and find it works well. About CAD 15, so probably US $10-12.
Susan W. July 5, 2016
Just FYI, the Javeline reads in 4 seconds or less (I've never seen it take longer than 2-3 seconds) and has an accuracy of +\- .9f. Amazing for $26. I do wish I bought the pro version which has a 4" wand. It sells for $49.
MMH July 5, 2016
I have done this for years with great success. I marinate in olive oil, salt & pepper in a zip loc bag. Then, I cook them in a grill pan on top of the stove until 160 degrees or stick them in the oven at 425 until that internal temp. I incorporate them in to meals throughout the week. Often, when reheating, I run them under the broiler to keep the char on them. I do the same thing with other cuts as well. And my child loves them! Good luck.
BerryBaby July 5, 2016
I use frozen chicken breasts right out of the freezer and do the same thing you are suggesting. Place the breasts in a glass Pyrex baking dish, cover tightly with foil and bake at 375 for 45 minutes. Rotate the dish and bake for another 15 minutes. Uncover and check the temperature with a thermometer, 165 should be the temperature. If not, cover and return to oven. I don't salt or season them until ready to use. I make chicken salad, rollups, tacos, chicken pate (ground it up fine in the food processor, delicious!), chicken and pasta, many delicious dishes. Have been doing this for years with great success. Good luck!
pierino July 5, 2016
I'll echo what everyone else said about checking temps (although 160F should be sufficient, but no point in hairsplitting). For this job a really good instant read thermometer is essential. The best on the market is Thermapen and you can order directly from them.
Nancy July 5, 2016
Key - as Phil says - is cooking them to internal 165F.
For safety's sake, StillTasty.com (a site with reliable food keeping/duration info) recommends keeping cooked chicken breasts in fridge 3-4 days.
If you keep them a full week, you may want to cook them at end of day 4 with a sauce or other treatment for use the rest of the week.
PHIL July 5, 2016
If you have the time you can defrost them in a ziploc bag and place the bag in warm water. i think they will cook better that way but if you want to cook them frozen , cook at 350 until they are done. You definitely want to us a thermometer to make sure they are fully cooked inside to 165. it will probably take 45 minutes. don't forget to season with salt & pepper on both sides.
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