What should i make with my leftover Brie? a main meal preferably! :)



Sam1148 January 29, 2011
A high class SOS.
Prosciutto ham. Chopped. Sauteed with chopped leeks and olive oil.
Add a touch of flour..cook. Add cream or milk to thicken and the cheese. Black pepper and salt to season. (watch the salt--the cheese is salty).
Serve over toasted ciabatta rolls.

latoscana January 29, 2011
Stir it into tomato soup - sinfully great.
RobertaJ January 29, 2011
Slice it, and use it to top a pizza. Probably one with a lighter tomato sauce than usual would taste best.
ChefDaddy January 29, 2011
When I have some brie hanging around and want to get rid of I stuff chicken breast with brie and some mushrooms.
Queen O. January 29, 2011
Every so often I do a 'clean out the cheese drawer' wonderful mac n' cheese. I try to blend at least 3 types (btw - stout cheddars do NOT melt well in sauce). Some of the best is when there's some brie (without rind) in the mix for over the top creaminess. To make it more of a main I'll add some chunks of ham or other pork, if possible, and asparagus if it's in season. It makes a lovely supper accompanied by a simple salad with a nice vinaigrette.
francesca G. January 29, 2011
I would cut the piece in thin slices, lay them over thin slices of baguette or levain, pop them under the broiler for a minute or two and dollop a bit of fig jam on top. Or sprinkle with walnuts. Essentially, move in the direction of tartines...
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