When is Pork safe?

I purchased some pork neck bones to use when making beans with pork and cornbread. The "use before" date was February 2. The package was put in our garage refrigerator until I needed it. Yesterday, March 8, I took it out to cook it. It smelled bad but none of it was gray and it was all pink and looked okay so I continued with the cooking process. It simmered for 12 hours. I added some seasoning and garlic but the other smell still comes through at times. The broth is strange looking. Even though it was cooked well, do you think it will be okay once the beans are added?

Beverly Dahl-Russell


hardlikearmour March 9, 2019
Do not consume this broth. Some bacteria produce toxins that are not going to be denatured by cooking. It is very likely you'll get food poisoning if you eat this.
LeBec F. March 9, 2019
i am very liberal in issues like this, but you had me at 'smelled bad'.
bones are cheap. nasty g.i. is NOT worth it. You haven't mentioned the temp of your refrig, a critical knowledge that you need as a home chef. in the future, remember that the coldest spot in a frig. is the bottom left rear corner and rear wall.
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