I am in a Dilemma. I would like to make a black bean, corn salsa. There is alot of online debate. Can I water bath can?

amber dawn


BerryBaby July 22, 2016
Some things freeze better than others. Salsa, to me, doesn't to so well frozen. I'd make the salsa and serve it fresh.
MrsWheelbarrow July 21, 2016
Sorry, there's really nothing that will make beans and corn acidic enough for water bath canning. This is a great opportunity to learn to pressure can!
amber D. July 22, 2016
Thank you for your response, I am green, green, green to this homesteading life! I appreciate the advice very much, I will skip the water bath canning!
Connie T. July 20, 2016
Check with pressure cooker information. That might be the best method. But salsa is so much better prepared fresh. If you need to, you can always freeze the corn and tomatoes and buy canned beans each time you need to.
702551 July 20, 2016
I freeze my salsas (mostly tomato based) when I make too much however there is a definite change in texture and overall quality. Is the quality level of the frozen stuff good enough to dump on my breakfast egg? Yes, it is. Would I serve it to guests at a dinner party? No, I would not.

Freeze a small portion of your next batch. You will need to decide for yourself whether or not the freezer degradation results in something you find acceptable (and for which situations) or not.

Good luck.
amber D. July 22, 2016
Thank you! I will have to try freezing!
Nancy July 20, 2016
Just a thought...maybe check if you can preserve this by freezing.
C S. July 20, 2016
Probably not - I would guess not enough acid to make it safe. There is a lot of good information available but make sure it is from a good source. Have you looked at any preserving books or tried your extension service for a safe recipe and method. It's not a place to improvise.
amber D. July 22, 2016
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I completely agree with you. I have to air on the side of caution.
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