'Tis the Season for Watermelon!

Recently bought a seedless watermelon and was anxious to get it home. To my surprise when I cut it open it was not the hot pink that I'm accustom to seeing, but a pineapple yellow! It tasted pretty good but wanted to enhance the flavor. Used the last of the honey and didn't want granulated sugar, so I thought, "why not try brown sugar?" And, you know what? It is delicious! Sometimes things just work out in a delicious way. What have you combined to make watermelon even better than it already is?! (The photo is of a watermelon...hot pink(!) I cut in half and what a wonderful surprise to see such a beautiful design!)

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Niknud August 5, 2016
I second the tequila suggestion! I recommend that you cube and freeze the watermelon (no ice! more booze!), then blend with lime juice, simple syrup and tequila. After two, you may want to stand up and judge your level of inebriation before you reach for the third. They go down oh-so-smooth but pack a hell of a punch....
Rachel July 29, 2016
My grandfather used to take me out on motorcycle rides when I was a kid, sometimes, we'd only take a quick spin on the highway, and other times we'd go 50 miles just to go have an ice cream. No matter what though, we would always cut a big slice of watermelon to eat at my grandma's kitchen table afterwards (usually with iced tea). He always put salt on his slice, but I just couldn't do it... had to be plain and ice cold.
BerryBaby July 30, 2016
A summertime after dinner treat was my dad slicing us big pieces of watermelon. We'd patiently sit on the front porch steps and he'd bring it out. I recall how juicy it was and we'd be dripping juice all over but we loved it then and cherish the memories today.
Valhalla July 29, 2016
It's a restaurant staple now, but the first time i had watermelon and feta (especially if herbs like basil or arugula are involved) it blew my mind.
I've been enjoying pureed watermelon with Leopold Bros. Aperitivo (similar to Campari but without the red #x).
gorgeous pic!
PHIL July 29, 2016
I am not a big fan of Feta so I like cubed mozzarella or the cigilene mozzeralla balls instead either way it makes a good salad. Ill have to try your drink idea.
Loves F. August 4, 2016
PHIL July 29, 2016
Nancy, was going to suggest that but I talk about vodka too much already. And I think i would use tequila, Watermelon margarita!
Susan W. July 29, 2016
I made the drink that I linked the other day and I absolutely love it. It reminds me of kombucha only better. I used a Hermiston melon that was one of the best I've had..ever.

Tonight, I'm making a Big #ss Salad that Mark Sisson posts every summer. I'm adding melon, Burrata cheese (so obsessed) and possibly some Ortiz tuna that I grabbed at Zupans. I can't decide if the tuna will be a good addition. The dressing is a very herby lemony dressing.

PHIL July 29, 2016
It looks like a Medieval cross. Last night I made a watermelon salad with mint, basil and mozzarella. For desert I like to cube it up and mix it with a little Cointreau or Chambord. The brown sugar idea sound good with a little fresh whipped cream.
BerryBaby July 29, 2016
I was very surprised to see such an interesting design. The brown sugar, lightly sprinkled, really gave it a whole new profile. That's going to be my go to!
Nancy July 29, 2016
Phil - where's the vodka?
Make a slushy.
And, some even poke a hole in the rind, add an immersion blender to liquefy the contents, add vodka and serve at picnics, etc.
Coco E. July 29, 2016
Sea salt. It's the only thing my watermelon must have.
BerryBaby July 29, 2016
I'm going to try the sea salt. I've ground black pepper on apples and peaches and love it. Maybe I'll do sea salt and pepper.
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