Tons of leftover sauce from 40 clove chicken

Hi- I made chicken with 40 cloves last night and have ~2 cups of the sauce leftover (wine, all the chicken juice, thickened with a little flour and cream and lots of the excellent garlic). Any idea how to repurpose the sauce into something else tasty?

Reenee Gangopadhyay


HalfPint August 1, 2016
Toss with some pasta.
Michele August 1, 2016
Freeze it in a smallish portion and you can add it other chicken dishes / pasta / soup to enhance the flavor when you have little time / energy. I hate wastage and throwing great things away so do it with all the sauces I have left over (even when some of the ingredients would indicate separation or softening).
Jon B. July 31, 2016
Susan W. July 31, 2016
Maybe a soup? Add some chicken stock and leftover chicken. Maybe some mushrooms. It's cold here in Oregon this morning. Soup sounds good to me.

Would it make a good addition to a summer vegetable white lasagna?
PHIL July 31, 2016
You can freeze it in portions so you always have some handy. Just defrost as needed. Maybe on some Rigatoni
Nancy July 31, 2016
on or with some kind of unsauced carb e.g., good country bread or skillet cornbread, cooked grains, potatoes
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