Uh, wine in cans?

I've been asked to bring drinks to a potluck event at a venue that only allows beverages to be brought in that are in cans or sealed plastic bottles. There's been a lot of back and forth about this; the consensus is that I should bring whatever I like to drink, which is beer and wine. I haven't had beer from a can in over 20 years (though there has probably been some improvement there in the past several years) and I've never even considered drinking canned wine. Wondering though, if there are any decent ones out there and if so, if they are available at any national chains?

Kristen W.


Stephanie August 23, 2016
Sofia (Coppola's sparkling wine in a can) is not too shabby. I'm a fan of the Coppola wines. And it's fun, with a pink can and straw. It's available in Target here, so should be easy to get your hands on.
Kristen W. August 23, 2016
Thanks for the additional recommendations!
mountainnaan August 19, 2016
Hi Kristen. Look for Infinite Monkey Theorem wine in cans at Whole Foods. They are a fantastic little urban winery in Denver and they launched canned wine awhile back. I have had it several times and have been very pleased. I was just reading a Whole Foods blog that stated they started carrying this line back in the spring.
Stephanie August 23, 2016
Love IMT! I wasn't aware that they were available at Whole Foods now - good to know.
caninechef August 19, 2016
Bandit( available in NY at least) makes 500 ml and 1 liter boxes that I enjoy. Maybe an option if you don't want to cart around a 3 liter box.
Kristen W. August 19, 2016
Thanks, all. Definitely agree about cider; I had thought of that too and am definitely going to bring some. And I'm sure it won't be hard to find decent beer in cans. If possible I'd like to find a decent wine as well, for an assortment (it's a pretty big group). This is for a pre-concert picnic going into a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. People have mentioned that they'd like to be able to bring their picnic drinks into the concert with them, so a big box of wine won't work for that, but if little boxes are allowed (I can look into that), that might work (I didn't know it was available in little boxes!). I read about Underwood too - glad to know it's drinkable enough and sold at Whole Foods! Anyhow, this is all good info - gonna have to take a trip to WF I think and see what's there. No one's going to be upset if it doesn't work out to carry wine in but it would be nice if there's a way for it to work easily.
EmilyC August 19, 2016
Since you like beer, I'd go that route. There are amazing options in cans these days. More and more craft breweries are using cans because they keep beer fresher for longer. I'm not sure where you're located, but I love all of the beer from Sixpoint Brewery, and it only comes in cans.
lizb August 19, 2016
Whole Foods sells Underwood wine in cans. I don't consider myself a connoisseur, but I do drink wine daily and I find the Underwood rosé totally fine. It's nice and dry. The cabernet is also ok, nothing to write home about, but a perfectly acceptable option when you want wine, but can't bring glass into a venue.
Kaitlin B. August 22, 2016
Seconding the Underwood Rosé — I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried it. It's not too sweet!
Susan W. August 19, 2016
I know zero about canned wines and haven't had a beer in a can in many years, but as BerryBaby said, how about boxed wine?

There's one that comes in a black box that is decent. We drink it at a friend's fire pit who lives on a river. It's always accompanied by pizza cooked in their wood burning oven, so it could just be all the things involved, but I always enjoy that wine.

They even have little boxes, but that's a different brand.

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BerryBaby August 19, 2016
What about boxed wine?
PHIL August 19, 2016
I agree , box wine could be a good choice. Personally I don't like beer in cans either. I have seen single serving box wines.
ChefJune August 23, 2016
Bandit Wine in 1-liter boxes (made by Joel Gott and company) is decent, drinkable wine. Sofia, a sparkling wine made by Coppola, comes in cans. It's okay.
Nancy August 19, 2016
Outside your question, but maybe useful:
there is lots of good (fermented) cider in cans. Domestic & imported.
Nancy August 19, 2016
PS to above.
Glad you're thinking of ciders. FYI (you may know) they come from pears, blueberries etc. Some are just novelty, some good. Picnic/outdoor performance is good occasion to try.
Also there's a good zinfandel that comes in cans, Cardinal Zin Big House Zinfandel. Haven't tried it, but there's a good review from Natalie Maclean:
SKK August 19, 2016
http://www.hilliardsbeer.com Love Hilliards
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