Can you cut this reccipe for a smaller batch?



creamtea August 29, 2016
You definitely could, but I agree with Alexandra Stafford that you might want to cook the full complement of beans and freeze half.
It does look like a delicious, sturdy salad that you could eat for lunch the next day, though, so a little extra wouldn't be a bad thing!
Alexandra S. August 29, 2016
This does hold up so well in the fridge for days! I should note that in the recipe. Thanks!
creamtea August 29, 2016
Alexandra, I bet! If I made it for our family we'd finish it off. I'd probably keep scooping out more for myself after everyone else left the table.
702551 August 28, 2016
Same thing with the roasted corn which I would grill instead of toast in the oven.

It takes no extra effort in grilling four ears of corn versus one or two; I find that there are plenty of uses of extra corn (one really doesn't want to keep raw ears of corn in the fridge anyhow, they just turn to starch).
Alexandra S. August 28, 2016
Yes, absolutely! You could easily halve the recipe with great success. One thought, however, if you are going through the trouble of cooking beans, I feel you may as well cook a pound. You can store the cooked beans in their cooking liquid in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer. Cooked beans are SO nice to have on hand. That said, you've got to do what's best for you.
Smaug August 28, 2016
Smaug August 28, 2016
To expand on that a bit- mostly where you run into trouble reducing recipes is either baking recipes, where the size and shape of the pan and how it's filled can have rather dramatic effect on how something bakes, and cases where quantities become impractical to deal with- eg, you can't puree 1/3 cup of something with an immersion blender, you can't get an accurate thermometer reading on a 1/2" deep puddle of boiling liquid- that sort of thing.
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