Is there a good substitute for white balsamic vinegar?

  • Posted by: Lisa
  • September 14, 2016


Freddurf October 4, 2016
Lime juice and/or a splash or rice vinegar work great!
BerryBaby September 17, 2016
I make a similar salad and use apple cider vinegar. Turns out great!
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James A. September 14, 2016
It was at Perennial Pleasures Nursery in East Hardwick,'s a link:
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
Awesome! Thanks so much for sending. It looks beautiful!
James A. September 14, 2016
Consider trying fig vinegar as well (as opposed to fig balsamic vinegar)...had it for the first time years ago at a Phlox Festival in Vermont...our hostess served tea, fresh-baked scones, clotted cream, blackberry jam, a perfectly cooked omelette, and roughly chopped heirloom tomatoes drizzled with fig'll want to slurp it up like Jello...I've gone through four bottles since....
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
Oh my gosh, that all sounds amazing! Vermont is just a short drive away for me ...
creamtea September 14, 2016
Since there are south-of -the border ingredients (corn, peppers, beans, jalapeños) you could also turn to lime juice for the acidic component; lemon juice would also work. Different from vinegars, but still worth a try.
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
Great points! Lime would be especially good.
PHIL September 14, 2016
I am in New Jersey but we are always in Lake George and that area. My wife did go to the store you mentioned. I've seen these oil / vinegar stores popping up in a lot of tourist spots around the country. I think they buy from one main distributor. They tend to be pricey but it's makes a nice gift
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
So true—fun but pricey, and great spots for gifts because you likely wouldn't treat yourself to a bottle. Going to check it out next time I get up there!
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
You could use just about anything: white wine, red wine, apple cider, champagne. I love white balsamic because it's a little sweeter. I also love it because unlike traditional balsamic, it doesn't stain everything brown, but that's purely for aesthetics. If you find the dressing to be too sharp, you could always squirt in a teensy bit of honey or sprinkle in some sugar. Hope that helps!
PHIL September 14, 2016
Maybe it's me but I usually select a vinegar based on what is going in the salad. For some reason I think apple cider would be the backup I would use. I agree on the regular balsamic affecting the visual. I'm sure you have a dozen different vinegars like me, BTW (regarding your Saratoga article) my wife bought me a nice fig balsamic there.
Alexandra S. September 14, 2016
I think you're right PHIL—apple cider is what I would use after white balsamic. Fig balsamic sounds so good! Do you live in the area, PHIL? Someone told me about an olive oil and balsamic tasting room that I should get to.
Nancy September 14, 2016
Just a riff: if I had leftover white wine around, I would use that instead of vinegar. And if the wine was dry and I wanted a sweet note, I'd add a touch of orange juice.
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