Can You Freeze Lard?

I'm making a recipe that calls for lard. I bought a brick of it and will have quite a bit leftover. Can this be frozen for future use? If so, for how long? Thanks! BB



BerryBaby September 16, 2016
The bread turned out great, nice texture and chew. I'd make it again!
BerryBaby September 16, 2016
It's Mexican lard and I'm making Cuban rolls. The dough turned out beautifully! I'll snap a photo of the finished product later tonight. Thanks for your replies! BB
Rachel September 16, 2016
I'm not familiar with Mexican Lard, I've used both lard in brick form... Morrell's snow cap lard is my go-to brand (aka manteca) and leaf lard from Wagshal's butcher and grocery, but have never heard of the manteca I buy by the one pound blocks referred to as mexican lard. Is that what you're talking about?
Smaug September 16, 2016
Manteca is the Spanish word for lard (also butter). I'm far from a connoiseur, but good Mexican grocers with a butcher will supply fresh lard for all sorts of purposes. The stuff available in white bricks at the grocery store is heavily processed and extremely bland- I doubt it has a national identity.
702551 September 16, 2016

At least here on the West Coast, the typical consumer-grade lard found in regular supermarkets is manufactured by Armour and comes in a green and white box, one side labeled "Manteca" in large letters.
pierino September 16, 2016
There's lard, lard and then there's lardo. If it's in a brick it's probably Mexican style which lasts quite awhile in the fridge without freezing. Then there is leaf lard which is the most desirable for cooking. You can use it for frying or baking. In Italy there is lardo which is eaten just by itself in thin, thin shavings, sometimes wrapped around grissini. The Italian "struto" would be closer to our lard.
Rachel September 16, 2016
yes, you can freeze lard, but it does keep beautifully in the fridge. what are you making that requires lard? Pie crust?
Caroline L. September 16, 2016
Hi BerryBaby! You can definitely freeze lard, just like you might freeze butter. And you could freeze it just as long as you would freeze butter, too—probably at least a year.
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