Old tomatoes :(

I have about 2+ lbs of tomatoes that have been sitting on my counter for 2-3 weeks. They are no longer fragrant, Is it worth making sauce, soup, etc?



PHIL September 23, 2016
Did you eat them??
Susan September 22, 2016
Pitch any rotten ones (easy to know, a rotten tomato stinks to high heaven), use the remainder for any recipe calling for ripe tomatoes.
SKK September 21, 2016
Roast the tomatoes. 250 for about 7 to 8 hours. A little olive oil, some herbs and salt and pepper. All tomatoes are great roasted, enhances the flavor. You can freeze them or use them immediately.

702551 September 20, 2016
Two pounds is a lot to make something that might be worthless.

I suggest you take one tomato, cut a slice and taste it raw. Slice off a couple more pieces and saute them with a little salt then taste. If you like it, you might proceed with one of the options you mentioned.

If you don't find them all that great, maybe you can donate to a local charity (assuming they accept produce).

No matter what, this is really a judgment call on you.

Good luck.
BerryBaby September 20, 2016
Wash, dry, cut them halves, drizzle them olive oil and give a toss so all are coated. Turn oven on to 400 degrees. Place them cut side down, salt, pepper and pop them in the oven. Check them after 30 minutes, they should be bubbling and the skins are turning brown. You could take them out at this point, let them cool and then remove the skins. Sometimes I put the peeled tomatoes in a blender to make sauce, other times, I cut them up, add fresh basil and garlic and toss it with pasta. Lots of possibilities! The tomatoes in the photo are various cherry tomatoes that I grew and did the same thing with them except I didn't cut many of them, too small.
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