I'm in Canada and haven't been able to find fire roasted tomatoes any where. Any suggestions for what could be a suitable alternative? Regular old tomatoes just don't do the recipes justice.




J D. February 10, 2019
I know this post is old, but I just found this: https://www.amazon.ca/Hunts-Diced-Tomatoes-Fire-Roasted/dp/B004H28H2U
Smaug November 1, 2015
You could substitute snow roasted tomatoes. In truth, it's not that much difference in a made dish, I wouldn't worry about it, just use tomatoes. Adding other ingredients like chiles might make a good dish, but it gets you no closer to fire roasted tomatoes.
Sari November 1, 2015
I know this question dates about 5 years ago. But I am also in Canada and have not been able to find fire roasted tomatoes, not even at Whole Food stores. But I added soaked dried smoky Mexican Morita chilies in a regular tin of crushed tomatoes. I guess it is the smoky taste that one is after with fire roasted tomatoes. This worked well for my recipe...
Susan W. November 1, 2015
I agree with oldunc. I always want fire roasted tomatoes to taste more distinct than they do. To me, they taste like canned tomatoes. When I fire roast my own, they take on more of a Smokey flavor. However, your idea of adding smokey chilies sounds good depending on the recipe.
Smaug February 10, 2019
The thing with commercial fire roasted tomatoes is that they're "roasted "quickly over a very hot gas flame, which does little more than char the skin; it's too fast to cook the insides noticeably. There's no discernible smoke involved, the only real difference is that they aren't peeled and you get bits of charred skin- may be a little helpful, but it's not a big deal. Different if you roast your own.
askann October 27, 2010
In a pinch, you can open a can of regular tomatoes and put them under the broiler.
anyone October 26, 2010
betteirene- You crack me up at the very least once a week. And It's only Monday!
betteirene October 26, 2010
LOL. . .You know what's wrong with this picture? The words "fire" and "roasted" are in the question, and the only people who answered are male.
pierino October 25, 2010
I agree with Donny G and Mr V, but let's face it tomato season is over, especially in Canada. In the lower 48 I think Muir Glen is the best brand for canned fire roasted. You might have to sneak across the border to get them. As far as substitutions, it all depends on how you plan to use them.
Mr_Vittles October 25, 2010
@DonnyG Yes that's what I meant. Turn the burner to high and hold the tomatoes over the flame holding it with a pair of metal tongs. Sorry about that.
rod October 25, 2010
Not sure where you live in Canada, but if you have a Whole Foods nearby, they sell them
anyone October 25, 2010
Mr Vittles-Do you mean put them over a gas burner? Thats what I would do?
anyone October 25, 2010
Can you find oven roasted tomatoes?
Mr_Vittles October 25, 2010
Ohh that is a tough one! The unique flavor of fire roasted tomatoes is hard to replicate, but if you mean a product that tastes similar maybe roasted bell peppers also sun dried tomatoes, but really you can make your own fire roasted tomatoes. If you have a gas stove, turn it to high and rotate your tomatoes over it until they look black charred and burned, put them in a bowl and cover it with plastic film. Wait a few minutes and remove all the burnt skin.
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