Santa Fe Albuquerque restaurant recommendations

We'll be in N.M. in December and will be in Albuquerque one night so any recommendations are welcome. Also, next stop is Santa Fe so any meal suggestions there are equally welcome. No food allergies/dislikes/requirements.

  • Posted by: scruz
  • September 21, 2016


scruz September 21, 2016
thanks so much for your answers! i knew i would get some great answers here. we are adventurous eaters (not vegetarian although love good meatless cooking, not gluten free, not diabetic or fat free although don't eat much deep fried other than chicken occasionally), and like our local mexican food but not overly spicey. We will be traveling throughout the state, look at trip advisor regularly, so if anyone has tips on fry breads, taco stands, etc. in the more southerly White Sands area, we'd love to hear. Thanks again. I'll look at the links.
Ben M. September 21, 2016
I loved Geronimo when I was there a few years back. It can get pricey but the menu was fantastic.
Uncle J. September 21, 2016
Both cities have a wide range of great restaurants in many cuisines. It would help if you would tell us what you like. Also, check out Gil Garduno's blog for a really comprehensive database of his reviews.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 21, 2016
This is an old thread, but there might still be some gems in it:
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