I made cupcakes this morning and frosted them with an icing consisting of butter, confectioner's sugar, a few teaspoons of heavy cream and lemon extract. Should I keep the extra iced cupcakes in the refrigerator? Or is it OK for them to sit on the counter for the few days it will take us to eat through them? Thanks!

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innoabrd February 2, 2011
I like the icing when it gets a little harder...

Keep 'em in the fridge, they'll stay fresher longer. It'd be a shame if you kept them out and then had to throw out the last one or two...
betteirene February 1, 2011
Foodservice guideline: in an airtight container and refrigerated, 5 days to 2 weeks (chocolate cakes and icings hold longer); room temperature, 2-3 days.
Bevi February 1, 2011
I use my unheated enclosed porch to keep frosted cupcakes and cakes. You can keep them in a similar place if you have one. The frosting gets hard if the temperature dips, but comes back to room temperature nicely. Obviously if the temp dips below freezing, this is not an option.
mainecook61 February 1, 2011
Cupcakes also freeze beautifully and they thaw quickly.
hardlikearmour February 1, 2011
Keep them covered at room temperature. They should keep for a couple of days.
Allycakes February 1, 2011
If you can put them in a sealed tupperware container keep them out at room temperature because if you refrigerate them the frosting will solidify and to really enjoy them the second time you will have to let them sit out and come to room temperature to be good consistency again. They should stay a couple days out in a sealed container. Hope this helps enjoy!
chrissyb February 1, 2011
You can keep them at room temperature. If it gets warm then I wouldn't.
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