Apple Cake with grated apples

[Cliche fall food issue] - We went apple picking this weekend and have a glut of apples! My kids love apples, but don't like the texture of cooked fruit. (No fruit pie, no muffins with discernible chunks of fruit in them...) I was considering trying to make an apple cake along the lines of this pear cake recipe in the NY times today (http://cooking.nytimes...), but was unsure what the texture of grated apples will be in the finished product.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what the texture of cooked apples would be? Would they melt down, or stay distinct? What if I shredded and then cooked down the apples before adding them to the batter? Let me know what you think! Thanks.



amysarah October 6, 2016
I think I'd also be inclined to make applesauce - applesauce bread, cake or muffins are lovely for apple flavor w/o the texture. You can also freeze some of it, not just for baking - homemade applesauce is great to have on hand to go with roast pork or chicken (you can warm it up with spices, or a slug of Marsala/sherry/Madeira, etc.)
Melusine October 6, 2016
My favorite grade-school apple salad: Mix chunks of apples and canned pineapple (in its own juice; no sugar added) with raisins (or something similar.) Make a dressing with the juice and mayo and mix it all together. The classic version requires mini-marshmallows and a mix of red and green apples.
BerryBaby October 5, 2016
Grated apples should cook in and you won't notice them. Shredded apples you would notice. Check out my recipe you could grate the apples, carrots, zucchini instead of shredding them. Maybe your children would like these? Good luck! BB
QueenSashy October 5, 2016
Sorry forgot to add the link :)
QueenSashy October 5, 2016
You can puree the apples and make an apple cake/bread with them. That will totally eliminate the texture and leave the fruit flavor only. Here is my starting point recipe for using pureed fruit (the original uses pumpkin puree, but so far I subbed it with apple, carrot, persimmon strawberries and pears, and/or the combination of the above). Just puree the apples in the processor with about 1/3 cup of water. I change the spice combo depending on the fruit, and like to use a ton load of cinnamon for the apple bread.
Leith D. October 5, 2016
I've made cake with grated apples, and as I recall they melt into the cake. You need to drain them after grating or the cake will be too wet. Alternatively you can make applesauce on the stove or in your crockpot. There are lots of cake recipes that use applesauce! Good luck.
hardlikearmour October 5, 2016
I suspect the pieces will be small enough not to be objectionable -- like carrot in carrot cake. I've used grated apple in blueberry pie (as a source of pectin) and it's hard to notice the bits of apple because they're tiny. I don't think you even need to cook them down (but do peel them). Another option would be to make an applesauce cake of some some sort.
Muanfun S. October 5, 2016
I think they would melt down, maybe a little bit crunchy and moist.
Nancy October 5, 2016
Jessica Hansen - maybe consider some raw fruit desserts from, say, vegan and raw-fruit websites. My experience is that cooked fruit - whether poached or baked - takes cooked, no matter how you cut or shred it first.
Consider things like apples in salads, apples in yogurt, apples in smoothies...all raw.
JessicaHansen October 5, 2016
Thanks, Nancy. What I was trying to figure out is whether the apples will melt into the cake (like banana bread, for example), or if the shreds of apple will remain intact.

I might just make a big apple crisp, which my kids won't eat, but is my favorite apple dessert!
Nancy October 5, 2016
Ok, now i understand. Apple shreds won't melt like pureed banana, as fruit texture is different. But if you puree the apple with the cake liquids, the texture with be smoother & kids mayn' t notice the fruit.
Also, consider making a dessert of raw apple; chopped and marinated with a bit of lemon juice and if needed some sweetener. Then top it sith the (separately) baked crisp, and maybe some yogurt or ice cream.
Nancy October 5, 2016
Sorry autoincoŕrect.
Should read "tastes cooked"
And "top it with"
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