Can I salvage over whipped cream cheese?

This is my second attempt at making mini cheesecakes. First try flavor was great but they sunk a bit in the center after cooling. I water bathed them, didn't overbake and let them cool completely in the oven with the door cracked before I refridgerated them. In researching why they sunk, it sounds like I may have overbeat my cream cheese. Can I salvage this?

  • Posted by: Andrea
  • October 7, 2016


Andrea October 7, 2016
Thanks for replying. First batch all gone! Didn't look perfect but taste just fine, covered with homemade fruit curd. Now I'm trying a second batch and I beat my cream cheese etc., everything added except the eggs. Of course I researched the sinking issue after I had beat the cream cheese and now I fear I have beat it to death! Anything I can do to push out excess air which may be causing the sinking centers?
Nancy October 7, 2016
Andrea - I'm better at salvaging the cracked-top cheesecake with something tasty on top than preventing it. A quick web-search shows many people have the same cracked-top problem (regular size or mini). Maybe some of the expert bakers here will have some advice for you.
Nancy October 7, 2016
If I understand your question, you want to salvage the already baked mini cheesecakes that taste great but may look funny (cracked filling):
> top them with some good preserves, fruit sauce or sauteed fruit.
> top them with sweet-sour or strong-flavored sauces like mostarda, muhammara, chutney.
If I've got it wrong, please explain more...
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