Turkey Parts and Stuffing Recipe

I am having a Friendsgiving this year and there will be four of us. It is also a destination Thanksgiving, so I want to keep things simple. I'm trying to find a recipe for turkey parts cooked over stuffing so that the stuffing still gets the turkey juice, but the pieces are still in tact (not shredded as in most day after 'casseroles'). I searched the web and couldn't find what I was looking for (reputable with good reviews). Does it exist? Any ideas for combining two recipes? I don't know how one would affect the other.

Sarah Freeman


Susan W. October 18, 2016
Here are two. They are both for breasts only, but you can add or substitute thighs or drumsticks if you want dark meat.


sydney October 19, 2016
Hi Susan W., The pieces-on-stuffing is a great hack. I'll have to try it around Xmas when my market has fresh turkey again. I usually do the pieces on their own in order to get the drippings, but I can always make a gravy from bones I already have frozen. Thanks for those links :-) Good luck with your dinner, Sarah.
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