A question about a recipe: The New Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

I have a question about the recipe "The New Classic Peanut Butter Cookies" from Posie Harwood. May I substitute very ripe banana for all or part of the sugar? If so, what other adjustments should I make?

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Trena H. October 20, 2016
I have replaced sugar with fruit successfully in recipes many times. Mostly using applesauce. I prefer, however to use a recipe that's written specifically for this application. If you do want to use this recipe I'd suggest starting out using a small amount of banana. It's surprising how adding or omitting an ingredient can change taste and texture of a recipe.
Nancy October 20, 2016
Trena - a better answer, based on experience.
Trena H. October 20, 2016
Thank you, Nancy.
Nancy October 20, 2016
I haven't done this fruit-for-sugar substitution, but this blogger says 1 cup mashed bananas with a couple tbsp water can substitute for 1 cup sugar.
Have a look:
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