I am cooking for 8. Was thinking of getting a 5LB pork shoulder and prepare day ahead. Should I cook for 5 hours and then separate Confit and meet...

... to put in fridge overnight? Then when I go to reheat should I reheat all of it together? If so, should I cover and how long do you think it will take to reheat the next day? Thank you!

Cheryl Meyerson


Cheryl M. October 25, 2016
Thank you! Others have suggested that you should separate the meet before refrigerating after step 6 so that the fat build up doesn't get into the veggies as it is hard to take off next day. Also, do you think for 8 people 4.5 or 5 ibs should do it? I assume double everything else? Assuming about 5 hours cooking in oven and then the heating up next day of 30 1 40? Appreciate it! Want to get it right..:)
TasteFood October 25, 2016
Hi Cheryl, I suggest cooling the pot slightly after braising in step 6, then refrigerate the pork in the sauce overnight (this will deepen the flavor). The next day, place the pot in a 300°F oven and reheat 30 to 40 minutes, then proceed with step 7.

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