I am serving this for 8 people and want to make ahead of time. Do you think 5 lbs is good? I will double the rest of the recipe. Do you think 5 ho...

...urs cooking is good if I cook day before and then reheat for 30 or 40 the next day? Or should I cut back on cooking time on first day? Last question. It was suggested that I leave in pan with juices after making, let cool and put it all in fridge overnight. Others have mentioned that it might be tricky because a layer of fat forms over night and could get in with the veggies making it difficult to take off when taken out of fridge next day. Thanks for your help! Chery

Cheryl Meyerson
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1 Comment

BakerRB October 29, 2016
Hi. I think 5 lb would be a good amount. I'd cut the piece in half or thirds to get more crust, more contact with the seasonings, and to reduce the cooking (and reheating) time a bit. That's geared to my preference and patience though, and I think the 5 hours would be okay if that works for you! I don't think you need to compensate for reheating - I didn't notice a difference in texture after reheating. Just wanted to put another option out there. I didn't have a problem removing the fat even with everything chilled together in a shallow container. I didn't remove every spec, but it melts right back in and isn't unpleasantly greasy. I'd suggest spreading everything out on a cookie sheet to cool more quickly before refrigerating. It'll be delicious.
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