Jersey City Cookbook Club?

Inspired by Sarah Waldman's 10 Tips for Starting Your Own Cookbook Club (that I somehow only just read), I thought I'd check to see if there are any Food52ers who live in Jersey City who might want to participate in a cookbook club?

For those in the area, we could talk to Word bookstore about sponsoring books/expanding interest. I'd be happy to host the first one!

Let me know! I have so many cookbooks I'd love explore more fully.

Cristina Sciarra


Liz P. December 4, 2016
Hi! I live in JC, and am definitely interested!
Cristina S. December 14, 2016
Hi Liz! Added! Could you just pm me your email address? Thanks!
Michele November 11, 2016
I would love to do this! Not so local to Jersey City but what could be better than books and food and like minded people??? Count me in!
luvcookbooks November 5, 2016
Hi! I live in the Bronx, but depending on timing, would travel for cookbook chat and shared dishes. Some recent favorites: Honey and Company and Mamushka.
Cristina S. November 9, 2016
Hi Meg! I think we'd meet every six weeks or so. Do you want me to let you know the dates when they are set? PM me your email!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 3, 2016
Cristina, I'm bumping this back up to the top to get more eyes on it, I love this idea!!
Cristina S. November 3, 2016
Thanks, lady!
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