hazan bolognese

I started this recipe (Here's one link: http://giulianohazan.com/classic-bolognese-meat-sauce/) without really understanding how much simmering time it needs. Great idea for a Tuesday night! For anyone familiar with it, I'm wondering if I could let it simmer until a reasonable hour tonight and then let it continue in the morning. The meat will be fully cooked so it should be perfectly safe. Thanks for any advice!



healthierkitchen November 2, 2016
I hope you figured this out last night and went ahead and did it in two stages. You might have to add more water the second day, but it will still cook off and concentrate nicely!
Susan W. November 1, 2016
The only problem I see would be a safety issue. If it's a big pot of Bolognese, it will take a long time to cool to safe temperature which means it will be in the danger zone for a long time. Can you split it up so it cools faster? A large shallow pan would be perfect.

Having said that, I'd turn it off now, stir it often to release the heat quicker and stick it in the fridge with the lid off. I often don't follow my own advice.
ReisTanzi November 1, 2016
Thank you, Susan! I actually haven't added the tomatoes yet (ok, so I really underestimated how long this would take!), so perhaps I once I add those, I will allow them to help cool down the pot, follow all of the advice here to cool it down more quickly, and pick it up tomorrow - from the fridge.
Thanks again for both comments!
AntoniaJames November 1, 2016
No, take it off the stove about 30 minutes before you plan to leave the kitchen for the night. Put it into another container, preferably one that can go into the fridge. Fill a pan in your sink with cold water. Cool down the sauce by putting the container into the cold water, changing the cold water a few times as it will warm up quickly. Put the sauce in the fridge; pick it up where you left off tomorrow, or the next. If you have room in your fridge, you can put the cooking pot (after it has cooled) in, with the sauce in it, so you don't have to wash that pot out twice.
But do NOT leave it out overnight. You run the risk of making someone seriously ill, even if the meat is cooked.
I suspect you did not want to hear this. Sorry! May I suggest Nigel Slater's Bolognese (on Food52) next time? It's my favorite, and tastes great with only an hour of simmering. (Recipe calls for 1.5 hours. One is enough, really.)
Hope this helps. ;o)
ReisTanzi November 1, 2016
Thank you so much, Antonia! I should have clarified - I was planning to put it in the fridge!! Leaving it out had definitely not occurred to me. However, neither had cooling it quite as carefully as you describe, so thank you for that. Thanks also for the alternate recipe. I've read about this one so many times I wanted to make it for a birthday dinner, but for other times, Nigel Slater's might better fit the bill.
Smaug November 1, 2016
Possibly the one you've been hearing about is the Marcella Hazan version, which is a bit different.
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