Hi! How does the cake/frosting freeze? I'm an avid baker but it's just me and my sister at home, so I often freeze what we can't eat in one or two...

... sittings and eat it later. So intrigued by this recipe and want to try it but I'm wondering if I can save what I can't eat!

Maitri Pancholy
School-Party Sheet Cake
Recipe question for: School-Party Sheet Cake


Nancy November 6, 2016
Agree with cranberry about freezing the case without the frosting.
You could make the frosting (full batch) and freeze in small portions, then combine it with the cake when you take both from the freezer.
And/or make a small batch of frosting for keeping in the fridge, up to 5 days, and frosting the cake pieces as you take them out to eat.
cranberry November 5, 2016
I'd think it could be frozen, but I'd do it without the frosting and frost it after thawing.
You can always freeze a test piece frosted this time around and see how it is for future reference.
Maitri P. November 7, 2016
Maitri P. November 7, 2016
Maitri P. November 7, 2016
Genevieve K. November 5, 2016
Hi Maitri, The cake and frosting both freeze well. It sounds like you want to eat it in individual servings later, so I'd recommend cutting the cake into the portions you'd like, freezing them uncovered on a sheet pan until hard, then wrapping each frozen individual piece tightly with plastic wrap and putting those wrapped pieces in an airtight container or resealable plastic bag in the freezer. When you'd like one, unwrap the cake and let stand at room temperature until it's unfrozen. (Don't microwave or reheat because the frosting will melt.) Happy baking! Genevieve
Maitri P. November 7, 2016
Thanks so much for the response! I was mostly worried about the frosting splitting but this answers my question :)
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