Favorite holiday gift tins?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to find the most special holiday tins—the most iconic, the wackiest, the kind you hold onto and store all sorts of papers and knick-knacks inside. Like Royal Dansk! And giant popcorn tins.

Which are your favorite? Both in terms of designs and the treats they contain.

Sarah Jampel


BerryBaby November 12, 2016
This isn't a Christmas tin, but I use it ALL the time for chocolate and flavored chips. One of the best tins I ever received. BB
Jr0717 November 11, 2016
I have a small (3''X1.5" or so) lunch-box-style tin with the original Tootsie Roll Lollipop owl on it in a retro design that has a latch on it with the cutest little red handle. I pack up little cellophane bags with spice mixes and put them in the box with toothpicks and a napkin (folded up like an origami project) for road trips to flavor plain Greek yogurt for dipping veggies in as a snack, or even as lunch!
Windischgirl November 9, 2016
I have some gorgeous tins from Sprüngli, the Swiss chocolatier. The lids are embossed and the colors are vivid--one looks like Heidi, and the other is a vintage family scene. I'm afraid to put cookies in them for fear someone will abscond with them!
I use tins to store baking supplies and holiday decor, to hold cookies in the freezer, and to gift those cookies to others. BTW, the plastic Ferro Rocher gift boxes repurpose nicely to hold cookies as gifts...it's easy to display them prettily.
mrslarkin November 9, 2016
I love old (and new) tea tins. Harney & Sons are gorgeous, and the perfect size for small cookies.
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