Electric Knife

Has anyone had experience using an electric knife to carve turkey? I remember my grandparents doing this when I was a kid. I never thought of it, I usually carve with my Wusthof, but I've seen some interesting article about the benefits of carving with an electric knife. If people think this is a good idea any bands you recommend please.



QueenSashy November 17, 2016
I played with it a long time ago and my experience was that while it is efficient you cannot do as fine slices and cuts as you would do with Wusthof.
Dona November 17, 2016
I always use an electric knife for turkey carving. I think it works great. I also use it for slicing biscotti.
BerryBaby November 17, 2016
We still use ours to carve the turkey. For those of us with limited hand capability (arthritis) they are a lifesaver. And, no, it doesn't shred the meat, it cuts perfect slices. The newer ones are much better than the ones sold decades ago. I'm thankful to have ours, otherwise I'd have to rip the turkey apart LOL! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! BB
irina November 17, 2016
Actually, not for turkey but I use my old electric knife when taking a prime rib off the bone. Works great!
pierino November 17, 2016
Electric knives went out of style around 1974 and with good reason. They don't carve smoothly they shred. Each year I participate in a community Thanksgiving meal where I've been supervising the carving. There is one guy---he's 80 years old---who brings his electric knife from that decade. I make him put it away. Is there anywhere that still sells them? Like the Dollar Store or something?

To properly carve you should take the whole breast off and then slice across it so that everyone gets some crispy skin, which is the best part.
PHIL November 17, 2016
I remember those knives too. I didn't think anybody carved turkey that way anymore, slicing slivers off the breast. I usually remove the breast and carve it it thick slices
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