help!first time using an electric roaster, my turkey is done hours early

what is the best way to go about this without turning it into overcooked turkey jerky? It's already a touch on the over cooked side but I still need to broil it a few minutes to crisp the breast skin. Should I let it rest and broil just before serving? Or finish it now, carve it, and then rewarm it?

Stacy Isabel
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1 Comment

Merrill S. November 23, 2017
If it were me, I wouldn't cook it any further; I'd let it rest until just before you're ready to serve it, then carve it and rewarm the meat using our Test Kitchen Josh's foolproof method in this article: If you feel you absolutely must have crisp skin, you could consider removing the skin over the breast meat before carving and crisping it on its own on a baking sheet.
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