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I'm making the truly scrumptious apple pie. What is the difference in a deep pie dish? Is it appropriate for this recipe? Also, would like to add a little bourbon - saw it in another Food52 recipe and was intrigued but don't want a soupy pie. Does alcohol flavor condense when cooked down or just evaporate? Any ideas on making this work?



Nancy November 23, 2016
OK, Lynn Antone, thanks for the link and I've looked at your recipe.
Deep dish is what it sounds like - a deeper pie. For example, I have a pumpkin pie recipe which makes two singles or one huge one in a 12" cast iron fry pan at least 2" high (about twice the height of a normal 8 or 9" pie plate).
If you want to make a deep dish pie, you might need to use ALL the filling in the Truly Scrumptious recipe and maybe half to three-quarters the pastry.
If you have not made the Truly Scrumptious recipe ever, I would make it as written the first time (you're more likely to get reliable results), and only after that start adjusting.
If you really want to make a deep dish apple pie (for size of your gathering or presentation drama, etc), I would instead make a pie designed that way and tested for results, by someone reliable...e.g., Ina Garten, Martha Stewart. Here is a list of recipes:
On the bourbon question. This is a lovely flavor addition for apples. When you use alcohol in an open pan dish (like a sauteed meat), most but not all burns off, and the flavor is left.
If you add it to a mostly closed system, like a two-crust pie, more will remain.
If you want to use it in an apple pie, replace some of the liquid in the filling with your bourbon (the milk in Truly Scrumptious, or one of the citrus juices in Ina Garten's recipe on my search result list). DON'T add the bourbon to the pastry part of the recipe...it will mess with your ratios.
Hope this all helps...Happy Thanksgiving, almost! Nancy
Smaug November 23, 2016
You might look at the apple galette recipe currently on the Food52 home page, which uses a bourbon reduction mixed with the sugar.
Nancy November 23, 2016
Did you leave out a link to "this recipe"...
Please restore the link, and then we can see the details and answer you better.
Sassafras November 23, 2016
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