Do I roast my turkey with water and/or broth in it?

It's my first time cooking a turkey. I put seasonings and half a stick of melted butter on it (I've taken the neck and giblets out already), and I'm not sure whether or not I should put water or broth in the pan as well. Help!

Natalie Woollerton


meathead November 23, 2016
I just saw that Kenzi says she has had good luck without putting water in the pan. I have not. But putting veggies like brussels sprouts and potatoes in there is a great technique! Again, I strongly advocate raising the bird above the pan.
meathead November 23, 2016
You must put something in the pan or the drippings will burn. That said, if you can, get the bird ABOVE the roasting pan, not in it like this picture. I discuss the reasons and how to do it here:
Kenzi W. November 23, 2016
No need to do this! Some do, believing the steam created from the liquid helps cook the bird—but we've roasted birds successfully without plenty of times. If you like, you can throw some vegetables underneath (potatoes, root vegetables) to help catch the drippings.
Jeremy B. November 23, 2016
I'll second the veggies under the bird. In addition to catching the juices that come off the turkey and tasting really great after it is done, they prevent the juice from browning or burning in the bottom of your roasting pan.
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