Planning to attempt Korean Fried Chicken Wings posted by ravenouscouple. Since they are double fried, I'm wondering if letting them sit in buttermilk overnight, as I usually would with other recipes, is a good idea.

  • Posted by: Laura_K
  • February 5, 2011


Laura_K February 5, 2011
Thanks for the response, nutcakes! I think I will leave it as per the recipe...though it did occur to me to pat them dry really well before coating in Wondra. As always it's best to follow the recipe. Sometimes it's the little additions and corrections we make that end up taking us off course! Have a great night!
nutcakes February 5, 2011
I wouldn't do it, at least the first time. They seem to be great just as they are, for one thing. Also I'm afraid the coating would be too thick. I do like to do a fried chicken when it is soaked in buttermilk, then dredged in flour, cornmeal and spices, but these wings just have a light coating for a super crispy skin.
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