dehydrator recipes

Can someone recommend a great source for dehydrator recipes? We just bought one and we are so excited to use it, but I want a really great resource for recipes

Ellie Landau


Sam1148 December 6, 2016
One of the ideas I liked was making little mason jars of premade 'soup/stew' mixes.
Susan December 6, 2016
I second Bell's book. It is chuck full of good ideas.
Karen H. November 28, 2016
I powder quite a lot of veggies and fruits. Powders can be used for flavor and cream soups.
Karen H. November 27, 2016
I purchased Mary Bell's e-book "Food Drying With An Attitude". Both technique and recipes.
Ellie L. November 27, 2016
Thank you both so much! I like the idea of techniques, not recipes:) This will be so much fun!
Susan W. November 27, 2016
I agree with Sam. Excalibur also has a little book you can buy. I pretty much went in search of techniques rather than recipes. I only use mine to make beef jerky and dried tomatoes, but it's super cool to use it for even just those two items.
Sam1148 November 27, 2016
Try the Excalibur website.

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