Where is the cinnamon roll recipe from yesterday's live video .

Yesterday there was a live demo for cinnamon roll baking and I thought the book author was going to post on this site?



Kenzi W. December 12, 2016
Here you go! http://www.rusticjoyfulfood.com/recipesandjournal/2016/12/11/new-school-cinnamon-rolls-for-food-52-face-book-live
Lindsay-Jean H. December 11, 2016
Hi Picholine, I've learned they were from the Rustic Joyful Food Cookbook (http://www.rusticjoyfulfood.com/rustic-joyful-food-the-book-1/) by Danielle Kartes. They are called "New School Cinnamon Rolls," but unfortunately the recipe is not available online.
Nancy December 11, 2016
Seems she posted it later in the day & yes, they do look good.
Look at the "recipes and journal" tab in Kartes' website
Picholine December 12, 2016
Thank you so much Lindsay-Jean!
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