For one of my culinary school classes, I have to do a "chocolate" presentation. I want to bring in a chocolate goodie for my classmates to munch while I'm presenting, but I'd love to do a savory application instead of the typical dessert-y ones. I'm a broke college student, so I ain't bringing in short ribs or chili for 30 people, haha; I've had a hard time finding budget-friendly savory chocolate recipes. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!



Jake February 8, 2011
chocolate + bacon. Is it overdone? Is it savory enough? All I know is that I can't get enough of it.
innoabrd February 8, 2011
How about a spicy sweet? Years ago I pulled a Black Pepper chocolate cake recipe from somewhere. I thought it was Amanda's from the NYT, but I've been searching the web and haven't managed to locate it. Not completely flourless, but mostly. Dense, rich and a wonderful kick. If you like the idea and need a good recipe, let me know and I'll type this one in.
hardlikearmour February 7, 2011
I think the Ancho Chili-Cinnamon Bark in the automated suggestion would fit the bill nicely. Seems like a great blend of sweet and savory.
betteirene February 7, 2011
Does zucchini in a chocolate cake count as savory? I think so! : D If not, a few spoonfuls of a nice mole in a little plastic sample cup along with a few corn chips would work. There's a few more ideas here:
campagnes February 7, 2011
No problem.. I'm accepting any and all suggestions. :-)
campagnes February 7, 2011
Awesome idea, Antonia James.. sounds pretty easy to put together, which is a plus! Thanks!
AntoniaJames February 7, 2011
Ooops. Sorry I didn't see that you wanted a savory app. ;o)
campagnes February 7, 2011
Ooh, I love that idea, mrslarkin.. At least a little crushed cacao nib goes a long way, you know? I'd like to play with the goat cheese idea.. the first thought that popped into my head was "add dried cherries somehow!!!" :) You've got me thinking in the right direction.. Thanks a bunch!
AntoniaJames February 7, 2011
I used Trader Joe's chocolate cat cookies (won't break the bank . . . were the only plain chocolate cookie I could find in the very limited time I had for shopping) in the delicious Fudgy Bourbon Balls recipe of Melissa Clark posted by Amanda in December. I toasted the pecans before grinding them up. The flavor of the chocolate is very strong, so toasting the nuts didn't make a huge difference in the taste, but it did make the pecan pieces crunchier, giving the bourbon balls a very nice texture. Good luck! ;o)
mrslarkin February 7, 2011
Not that cacao nibs are inexpensive, BUT lots of savory applications for them. Couple of ideas:

Savory shortbread w cacao nibs.

From one of my favorite cookbooks, The Essence of Chocolate, by Scharffenberger and Steinberg, Goat Cheese with Nibs (pg. 264). Basically, mix crushed nibs with goat cheese, with or without a touch of honey. Chill, then form into small balls and dust w cocoa powder.

Good luck!
campagnes February 7, 2011
Okay, I haven't been around Foodpickle in awhile, so I don't know if this is a new feature, but I LOVE the automatic recipe suggestions! Very nice.
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