What have you learned from our comment sections this year?

Often times we pick up valuable information, little tricks, and nuggets of knowledge not just in posts and recipes, but in the comment sections as well.

For example, one of mine: I thought I had to call to get a replacement for my recalled Cuisinart blade and was procrastinating (to avoid talking on the phone), but learned in the comment section of Mayukh's post (https://food52.com/blog...) that I could just fill out a form online. Done and done.

Please tell me what hidden treasure you stumbled across in our comment sections this year!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


[email protected] February 22, 2023
Love this comment sections. learned a bunch
Nancy December 26, 2016
I've learned that, how to say it, a recipe is a living, breathing thing that belongs to its writers, cooks and eaters.
Often the comments section reveals questions, ideas and variations that the posted writer didn't (yet) think of or include in the writing.
I wonder if recipes we now think of as classics went through a similar process far from our eyes, before they became enshrined by usage in a cuisine, a culture, an author's repertoire or our memory.
Even the classics can get turfed out.
The revolution of nouvelle cuisine (Bocuse, Freres Troisgros, et al) threw out - for example - long cooking times, heavy sauces, long menus, cuisine classique.
But it was less a revolution than a pendulum swing.
And we have, again or new, long (tasting) menus, some heavy sauces, low and slow (long) cooking times.
So, long live the recipe, a living, breathing organism.
BerryBaby December 25, 2016
The tips for growing basil were very helpful. First year i grew it successfully! Of course many, many, others.
caninechef December 21, 2016
I am drawing a blank in terms of specifics but I did want to contribute to this topic because I have thought a bit about the "community" aspects of Food52. Previously I was casually interested in cooking info on the internet but no particular site interested me more than others. But after lurking here for a while and joining several years ago this is certainly my go-to site. And I think that is largely because of the communication between content providers and content users. Not only do I find valuable insights into a recipe, technique or general topic from the comments but I think I have learned about the other members of Food52. Having developed a "feel" for some other members it makes it easier to evaluate whether a particular recipe, technique or modification is something that is liable to be successful for me.
pierino December 20, 2016
Quite a bit is the brief answer. Readers of hotline have made helpful comments on my own recipes on several occasions which made me go back and reconsider. But then sometimes, deep in a thread there will be a nugget of wisdom that makes me pause and rethink my own advice.
pierino December 20, 2016
A more specific when my recipe "Ears of the Lombardian Consigliere" was tested as a community pick the tester, CK1 suggested the addition of arugula or radicchio. It was almost as if they were reading my mind. I had been thinking about radicchio and it made sense.
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